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Level X BOOST 850 Device Kit

Level X BOOST 850 Device Kit

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This is the new and improved LEVEL X Battery! Upgraded from 650mah TO 850mah for more puffs and new sleek colors! Now Featuring a BOOST Switch - which when used with the new BOOST style 15K pods will switch between a single and a dual coil configuration. What does this mean? It doubles the power output meaning a bigger - harder - and more flavorful vape experience! 

Introducing the latest innovation in the vaping market! Ditch the disposables BUT KEEP THE VAPE EXPERIENCE with the LEVEL X Pre-filled Pod System! 

It has the form factor of a disposable, it hits like a disposable, it lasts LONGER than your average disposable AND...the big one... it's CHEAPER THAN DISPOSABLES. With the bonus of greatly reducing environmental impact and harm - the Level X is a game changer. 

Keep the battery - toss the pod - it's a simple choice! 

Level X Device Kit Key Features:
  • TRI-color battery indicator: (- green: 70% - 100% - blue: 30% - 70% - red: ‹30%)
  • Long lasting and powerful battery
  • New Boost Mode Switch that doubles power output 
  • Type-C cable included
Level X Device Kit Specifications:
  • Battery: Rechargeable 850 mAh
  • Type-C USB Input allows for quick charge
  • Size: 45 x 24 x 35.75 mm
Package Contents
  • 1x Level X Device Kit

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