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Flip Bar 9000 2-in-1 Disposable Vape 16mL 20MG

Flip Bar 9000 2-in-1 Disposable Vape 16mL 20MG

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Dive into a realm of endless flavour possibilities with FLIP BAR DISPOSABLE! This innovative marvel boasts two delectable flavours housed within a single, compact disposable vape device for a truly unique vaping experience! A simple 180-degree flip of the mouthpiece transports you from one sensational taste to another, unleashing a new wave of flavour that's ready to enthral your senses.

BERRY BLAST ICE AND STRAW MELON ICE- Begin with a delightful mixture of sweet berries chilled by a frosty gust. Then, flip to a captivating combination of strawberry and juicy melon harmonized with a frosty touch!

BANANA BLACKBERRY ICE AND MANGO PINEAPPLE ICE - Begin your escapade with a delectable union of banana and blackberry, caressed by a refreshing coolness. Then flip over to transition into a mesmerizing fusion of tropical mango and juicy pineapple, flawlessly intertwined with a refreshing icy touch!

CHERRY LEMON ICE AND JUICY PEACH ICE - Start with an electrifying mix of ripe cherry and tangy lemon, invigorated by a refreshing coolness. Then, transition to a luscious combination of ripe peach, perfectly complement by a frosty touch!

JUICY PEACH ICE AND BLUE RAZZ WATERMELON ICE- Dive into the luscious sweetness of chilled peach embraced by a refreshing icy breeze. Then, flip over to a mesmerizing fusion of blue raspberry and watermelon, perfectly balanced with a frosty sensation!

 GRAPE PUNCH ICE AND BERRY BLAST ICE - Start off with the invigorating flavours of juicy grape and mixed fruits, finished with a hint of icy coolness. Then flip the mouthpiece over to experience a surge of delightful berries harmonized with the crispness of ice.

RAZZ NANA ICE AND GRAPE PUNCH ICE - Commence your experience with a blend of tart raspberries and smooth banana, accompanied by refreshing ice. Flip, to enjoy an electrifying burst of succulent grapes and mixed fruits, complemented with ice. 


  • Dual Flavour Disposable
  • Up to 9000 puffs
  • Battery indicators
  • Rechargeable
  • Dual Vertical Mesh Coil
  • 16 mL of E-Liquid
  • 20 mg/mL
  • 700 mAh Internal battery

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